Why do people fall asleep quickly with rain sounds?

Why do people fall asleep quickly with rain sounds?

Some people ask why their easier to fall asleep when it rains. Simply to say, when people sleep, the sense of hearing will continue to work. And rain sounds are similar to white noise.

Which creates a masking effect, shielding many sudden sounds. And may make you feel during sleep, thereby improving your sleep quality. 

Why do people fall asleep quickly with rain sounds?
Why do people fall asleep quickly with rain sounds?

Why rain sounds help sleep?

Our auditory system is like an alarm system that is always on standby regardless of waking up or resting. So it works even when sleeping.

This helps us to avoid unconsciously discovering danger and taking action. And white noise creates a masking effect.

Which is equivalent to shielding a lot of small changes that you don’t realize but still affect your falling asleep: because not only you can hear before you fall asleep. But your hearing after falling asleep is not like vision, it will always work.

From a meteorological point of view. When it rains, the sinking cold airflow in the air and the evaporation of rainwater will cause a rapid drop in temperature and a rapid rise in air pressure. The coolness brought by rain is the first factor suitable for sleep on rainy days. 

Secondly, rainy days often have thick clouds, dark skies, and dimness that makes people sleepy.

Because there are not only rod cells and cone cells that can form vision in the human retina. There are also ganglion cells that can also feel light but have nothing to do with vision. 

When the external environment changes from bright to dark, the ganglion cells will send a signal to tell the brain to start the sleep program-rain.

And rain also sound the “light off” for sleep. Listening quietly to the patter of rain will eliminate depression and upset, exhaustion and indifference caused by busyness.

And bring a peaceful state of mind, which is of great benefit to sleep. Relevant research has found that.

In addition to the sound of rain, listening to nature’s bird calls, wind singing, tree chanting, water currents, or watching forests, fields, mountains, green water, and other beautiful scenery can have the same or similar effects.

Natural sounds help sleep. And many nature-related sounds are also covered in ShutEye, such as ocean sounds, thunderstorm sounds and so on.

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