What is Power Nap? Does it Actually Work?

What is Power Nap? Does it Actually Work?

Have you ever seen a drop in your job performance after lunch? Perhaps you have trouble focusing or keeping your eyes open after that terrible sleep deprivation last night? A power nap, fortunately, will help you feel more energized and beat afternoon tiredness.

What is power napping?

A power nap, also known as a cat nap, is a brief sleep that occurs before deep sleep. This kind of nap is meant to re-energize the sleeper easily. It’s used to help people sleep better, particularly if they’ve had a sleep deficit.

What is the proper way to power napping?

A great power nap should be within 20 minutes. So set an alarm for fifteen minutes and make sure you have nothing planned when it goes off. It’s best to take a few minutes to get back into the swing of things. Then, look for a quiet location where you will not be interrupted. A peaceful environment is often crucial to a good nap.

While you are sleeping, put away or turn off your mobile phone and make sure they will not disturb your good nap. A nap is better taken before or after the post-lunch slump, such as at 12:30 or 2 p.m. Napping so late in the day will make it difficult to fall asleep at night for people who work a traditional schedule.

If you have trouble falling asleep through your naps, take advantage of the moment to rest and relax. A short time of silence will help you refocus and recharge. If you want to relax during your break, consider attempting meditation. Personally, I have been using ShutEye, a mobile app that helps you relax and meditate while trying to rest. It is extremely helpful when you want to calm your mind and practice meditation. When your body responds to your current midday recovery routine, you will find it easier to finally fall asleep.

Who can benefit from power naps?

Unfortunately, power napping is not for everyone. Power napping is not a good thing if you have trouble sleeping at night. It will throw off your body clock and interrupt an already messed-up schedule. By using ShutEye to monitor your sleep habits, you will ensure that your power nap schedule isn’t adversely impacting your sleep.

The goal of power napping is to get the most out of your sleep time. To see what feels best for you, experiment with nap length, time of day, and place. We hope you have learned something new about napping after reading this guide.

What is Power Nap? Does it Actually Work?

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