5 Best White Noise Apps for Babies | New Moms Need to Know

5 Best White Noise Apps for Babies | New Moms Need to Know

Getting your child to fall asleep (and stay asleep) is not a task for the faint of heart. Overtired and overexcited babies are some of the hardest to get to sleep.

Even though you know it’s what’s best for them, they certainly seem to disagree. White noise for babies can be a true lifesaver. It’s a great tool to soothe fussing and boost sleep. 

Can white noise help babies sleep?

Luckily, a wide selection of apps have risen to you aide. Rather than filling your home with big sound machines, you can turn your phone into a relaxing sound box offering white noise for baby. This article looks at five of the best apps to help your baby sleep.


1. ShutEye

There are many white noise apps out there, but if you want the most comprehensive and most detailed (not to mention most popular) option for new moms & dads, check out ShutEye.

Most babies prefer the oscillating fan setting, but there are tons of options like rain, train ride, and hair dryer. And this easy to use app gives you a range of time settings so you can customize how long a sound is played for.

Download ShutEye for iOS

2. Baby Sleep

You don’t need an internet connection to help your little one fall asleep. The calming sounds of this app have been designed with babies in mind, and you can choose from over 40 relaxing sound options.

Download Baby Sleep for Android

3. Sound Sleeper

You’ll get the most from this app if you’re willing to pay a few dollars to get the full version. It has a dark mode so that you won’t distract your little one when operating it at night time.

Featuring nature sounds and other noises that you might hear in your home, there are plenty of noise options to choose from in this app.

Download Sound Sleeper for iOS

4. Mix White Noise

This app is a white-noise mixer that’s bound to have a sound to help your baby fall, and stay, fast asleep.

You can combine nature sounds with a preset lullaby, or save your baby’s favorite mix as an audio loop for optimal bedtime usage.

Download Mix White Noise for iOS

5. White Noise Baby

White Noise Baby brings a wide variety of tools to help your little one fall asleep and stay asleep.

It has not only nature sounds and ambient noise to help tots settle down, but also a sleep tracker feature to understand your baby’s sleep cycle from a scientific perspective.

Download White Noise Baby for iOS

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