What makes babies smile during sleep?

What makes babies smile during sleep?

Why do babies like to smile? In fact, it because of imperfect brain development. 

There are two states of deep sleep and light sleep in babies’ dreams. A newborn’s sleep cycle is only one hour. When a cycle is over, if the baby is not hungry or does not want to go to the toilet, it will enter the next sleep cycle.

During the sleep cycle, there are two sleep states, deep and shallow. When the baby enters the light sleep state, various expressions will appear on the face and even make sounds.

What makes babies smile during sleep?


Human facial expressions are dominated by the brain and are manifestations made after receiving commands from the brain.

In the newborn period, the baby has few facial expressions, crying or sleeping, and rarely sees the baby laughing.

However, some babies will visibly smile when they go to bed after eating and drinking. Some babies even giggle.

From a scientific point of view, babies are not able to control their emotions in the early neonatal period.

Only physical satisfaction can drive the brain to make a sweet smile. This also shows that the baby is very satisfied physically, in a good mood, and naturally shows a sweet smile.

However, a sweet smile shows that the baby has a certain perception and the brain is well developed. It makes the baby smile.

When the baby in lightly sleeping, he will have a smiling face

When the baby is sleeping, but not in deep sleep. At this time, the baby in the light sleep state may have a smiling expression due to external stimuli.

For example, hearing the mother sing a lullaby, the mother patting the baby, or stroking the baby’s body will make the baby feel comfortable and show a smile and contented expression. 

On the other hand, When the baby appears to smile, or giggle, it may indicate that the baby is well developed.

When the mother takes care of the baby, she takes good care of the baby. The baby develops well, eats well, and sleeps soundly. 

The baby will naturally feel comfortable physically and mentally and feel very satisfied.

Then the baby may be unconsciously Showing a smiling face, or laughing out loud, this means that the baby is well developed, in a good mood, and dreaming is a beautiful scene.

Therefore, it’s not a bad thing for newborns to giggle sometimes, and parents don’t need to care too much.

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What makes babies smile during sleep?

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