What are some good self-care tips? Your Top 8 Self-Care Tips

What are some good self-care tips? Your Top 8 Self-Care Tips

The single most important thing a person can do every day is to take care of yourself. So check out this self-care tips guide to make sure you keep yourself healthy, mentally and physically!


That title doesn’t say “take a shower”, it says ENJOY it! If you are feeling down or depressed, getting moving can be really difficult. Getting up and enjoying some warm water can help.

Showers can be a good tool to transition mentally between different tasks. If you are having trouble getting off social media to start studying, try a quick shower to help your mind transition to a new task. It’s an easy way to tell your brain we are starting a new phase of the day!


In 2020 it’s easy to get focused on unimportant things that you have no control over. Try having a deep conversation with someone close to you. Let yourself be a little bit vulnerable and really listen to what they have to say.

The mind is a crazy thing, sometimes deep down you know what’s bothering you but won’t realize it until you have a chat with someone.


Humans evolved in nature and the concrete jungle sometimes puts a strain on our minds. Taking a few minutes each day to walk through trees is a great self-care practice. Even just looking at a blue sky or green grass can help.

If you live in a city and don’t have easy access to a park, you can try using sound of nature recording. A light drizzle or calm forest will make you feel relaxed.

Many people benefit from background noise when trying to focus on something, or use it to fall asleep.


In today’s world, getting enough sleep is tricky. Many cultures have a custom of napping in the mid-day, and it’s excellent self-care. It can help reinvigorate your mind.

Many people find that by sleeping in two sessions (night and afternoon), they need less total sleep, so if your work doesn’t allow a full 8 hours every night, you might try it!

If you have trouble sleeping, try ShutEye, a all in one sleep app. ShutEye brings a wide variety of tools to help you fall asleep and understand your sleep cycles from a scientific perspective. So stop tossing and turning all night, and starting falling asleep in a healthy and natural way.


Social media feeds don’t count as reading. Ideally, you should read on print, like a book or magazine, and avoid i-pads or computers (e-readers like the Kindle are generally okay).

It’s important to read something with substance, like a well-written book. If you prefer magazines, try topics that are deep. Avoid celebrity tabloids or sports magazines (which are often just celebrity tabloids with different marketing). 


It sounds cliche at this point, but too many fats and sugars will make your body and mind feel terrible. It’s a healthy practice to change up what and how you eat from time to time so that food stays exciting and something you look forward to.


Meditation is a great practice. Guided mediation to fall asleep especially is a great feature that is growing in popularity.

If you need help starting, try out Mindzone, an excellent meditation app. It makes getting started a breeze, and it’s guided mediation to fall asleep is especially popular.


You spend 24 hours of every day with yourself, so you better like who you are! Too often the world discourages us, tells us we aren’t good enough, we aren’t handsome or beautiful enough, or so much more. Love yourself every day!

These are our top 8 self-care tips. It’s worth taking time to make sure you are the best person you can be, and always in a healthy state of mind. If you like the above self-care tips or have some cool advice of your own, tell us in the comments below!

What are some good self-care tips? Your Top 8 Self-Care Tips

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