February Calendar 2021 | Free Printable Calendars

February Calendar 2021 | Free Printable Calendars

Life seems to pick up the pace during the month of February.

Sports enthusiasts organize Super Bowl parties on the second Sunday. Gift shops set up ornate displays of red flowers and chocolate candy for lovers’ celebrations on Valentine’s Day.

Historians observe Black History Month and host a variety of cultural and historical events. Birthday celebrants born on the twenty-ninth tell stories about a month that ends too soon three out of every four years.

No other month quite compares to the fast and bumpy ride that is February. February might be the shortest month of the year, but Valentine’s Day ensures this month doesn’t go unnoticed. Below you’ll find a collection of the calendar for February.

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February Calendar

“For many years, February was a difficult month for me after the death of my parents. My father died in February, just a week before my mother’s birthday. For years their loss cast a pall over the month. I missed them terribly. But time has changed things. I see my father often in the face of my son and I run into my mother daily each time I pass the hall mirror. ― Mary Morrell, things my father told me about love”

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