How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Fast heartbeat, nausea, nausea, and tremors are just some of the symptoms you will experience during an anxiety attack. How to calm down anxiety? It seems difficult.

Anxiety attacks can be scary, so knowing that you can control them when they happen is helpful.

This article will list some techniques you can use to calm yourself down.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Take a deep breath

Generally, during an anxiety attack, you will feel your breathing speed up. Even if you don’t have symptoms of accelerated breathing, taking a deep breath can reduce stress, provide oxygen to the brain, and keep you sharp.

Try to breathe at most 8 times per minute while breathing deeply. Inhale for 4 seconds each time, hold your breath for 2-3 seconds, and then exhale for 4 seconds.

Divert attention

If the anxiety attacks make you feel dizzy, try different methods to divert your attention. For example, you can count backward from 100, count to 1, or recite your favorite lyrics or poems, etc.

Change your way to force yourself to divert your attention and let yourself relax a little.

Progressive muscle contraction decompression method

Slowly contract and relax every muscle group in the body in sequence. This has two purposes: one is to let you divert your attention away from your fear, and it also allows you to relax your body muscles.

Start with the facial muscles first, and then slowly go down, contracting and relaxing all the muscles in the whole body.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Heal yourself with music

Make a playlist of music that can make you relax and happy, and then listen to this music every time you have an anxiety attack, so that you can feel reborn.

It is best to wear headphones that can block noise and let yourself focus on each note.

When listening to music, pay careful attention to every part of the song, every sound, and every lyric. This way you are one step away from anxiety.

Here I want to recommend an app called ShutEye, which includes wide variety of healing music and relaxing music to help you wind down after a long, stress-filled day. Relax and create a comfortable sleep space with our sounds and ambient noise.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Stop and change your mind

Specifically, it is to dispel anxious thoughts and replace them with more peaceful and pleasant thoughts.

For example, if you want to take an airplane, but you feel very anxious because you are afraid that the airplane will fall from the air, stop right away and think about your happy trip with your friends.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Guide yourself to imagine

Imagine a place where you can feel peaceful and relaxed, such as your home, your favorite tourist attraction, or the arms of your lover.

After thinking about this place, add details to the imagination, just like sprinkling seasoning on a cake, so that you will immerse in the imagination.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Write down how you feel

If you feel anxiety is coming to you, take a note and write down how you feel.

What is your true feeling? What are you really afraid of? And What do you think is causing your anxiety?

Write down the answers to these questions one by one. After you write it down, your thoughts will clearer, and you will feel much calmer after reading what you wrote.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

Do some exercise

Exercise can make the body produce endorphins, which can make you feel more peaceful and happy.

In the beginning, you can take a walk or do yoga, because light exercise has a better decompression effect than exercise that consumes a lot of calories.

How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

In conclusion, if you are anxious and don’t know how to calm down anxiety, try these ways:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Divert attention
  • Progressive muscle contraction decompression method
  • Heal yourself with music
  • Stop and change your mind
  • Guide yourself to imagine
  • Write down how you feel
  • Do some exercise

If you suffer from anxiety for a long time, visit a psychotherapist or related physician to learn about treatment methods. It may be a sign of panic disorder or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Both of these diseases are not difficult to treat and can cure by ordinary counselors. If nothing else can help you calm your mood and overcome anxiety, ask a psychiatrist.

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How to Calm Down Anxiety Quickly? 8 Ways Here!

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