Track your sleep,
wake up refreshed

Wake up gently with a smart alarm, or learn about your body and improve your health by following our sleep tracker. It helps you understand your sleep cycles from a scientific perspective.

How does ShutEye
sleep tracker work?

ShutEye recognizes, calculates, and analyzes the files recorded by the microphone through artificial intelligence algorithms to produce your sleep status information.

At the same time, selected sleep recordings, such as snoring, are available for your listening and sharing.

In order to verify our app’s accuracy, we have performed dozens of tests to compare our app against popular sleep tracker apps and smart hardware. Results showed that our accuracy was in the top 90th percentile.

As a follow-up, we will also conduct comparative tests with the medical PSG (polysomnography) method in order to provide users with the most realistic and reliable sleep tracking results.

How to use sleep tracker?

Please keep the charger connected. Put down and lock your device.

How can Sleep Tracker help me?

After you finished your first Tracker session, ShutEye could analyze your sleep and generate your personal sleep report 📄.

In the report, your sleep cycle would be shown in a graph for you to track 📊, and you can also know how well you’ve slept from the sleep quality score 💡.

Questions about sleep report

💡 Sleep quality score

ShutEye would evaluate your sleep quality with Tracker and give you a score representing how well you have slept. The score would be more personalized and accurate if you make more attempts.

📊 Sleep cycle

The average sleep/wake cycle is five stages of sleep, with stages 1-2 as light sleep, 3-4 as deep sleep, and the fifth stage as REM sleep. Quality deep sleep is the most important for you to recover from tiredness and activate a series of essential physiological processes.

📄 Sleep analysis

The sleep analysis would give you an overview of the sleep quality score and a graph illustrating your sleep process, supported by related data. ShutEye would then give you advice to help you identify and deal with the negative factors affecting your sleep.

🎙 Sleep recordings

ShutEye would record the sounds you selected in Tracker, which may include your snore, your pets, and even your farts! You can replay the recordings tomorrow and share some fun clips with your friends. 😆

More information is available in our ShutEye FAQ.

🔒 Your privacy matters. 

ShutEye will NEVER upload your personal recordings unless on your own initiative.