ShutEye recognizes, calculates, and analyzes the files recorded by the microphone through artificial intelligence algorithms to produce your sleep status information.
At the same time, selected sleep recordings, such as snoring, are available for your listening and sharing.

In order to verify our app’s accuracy, we have performed dozens of tests to compare our app against popular sleep tracker apps and smart hardware. Results showed that our accuracy was in the top 90th percentile.

Yes. We’re just like you. We worry about data privacy. ShutEye will NEVER expose your personal recordings under any circumstances.

Through the artificial intelligence algorithm, ShutEye will look for the lightest stage of sleep between the wake-up phases you set, and will sound the alarm at this time to gently wake you up and make you wake up more easily.

One reason for the discrepancy might be that the app records time spent asleep, not time in bed. Taking this into account, if you still feel Sleep Tracker has shut off prematurely, this might be caused by insufficient phone charges. Please be sure that your phone is plugged in while using Sleep Tracker.

Please keep the charger connected. Put down and lock your device.

ShutEye provides a free trial to let our users try the premium features completely for free, before committing to pay

Besides, ShutEye offers an auto-renewing subscription at $59.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. 

If you have questions about ShutEye subscription, please contact us via contact.sleep@enerjoy.life. We’ll do our best to help you solve the problem.

Feedback: shuteye_support@enerjoy.life

Collaboration: media.relation@enerjoy.life

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